The 3 SIMPLEST ways to get bookings in 2024

and the ONE tool you can use to make them even EASIER!

 James Crook

Have you ever wished there was A SIMPLER WAY to get your calendar filled with bookings?

Well, I've identified the TOP 3 EASIEST ways for you to easily and immediately get clients in –

Because as a massage, spa or bodywork professional you don't need complicated, expensive or time-consuming tactics just to get clients booking in...

And you definitely don't need to create hundreds of videos of yourself dancing around!

I've chosen these top 3 methods specifically so you can simplify your marketing, save time, and get even better results.

I'll show you exactly what they are in this free webinar, and then I'll reveal the online tools you can use to implement them quickly and easily.


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In this training you will discover:

  • The 3 easiest ways to attract and keep your ideal clients – that are working right now

  • How YOU can use one, two or all three of these to make marketing your practice crazily efficient

  • The online tool we've found which makes this all super easy! (We're using this with all our paying clients now...)

Meet your trainer...

James is a business coach for massage and health professionals, a best-selling author and an international presenter on business growth and marketing.

With 14 years running his own marketing agency, plus presenting hundreds of business workshops, mentoring, teaching at a TAFE College, and working as a marketer himself… James is now living his passion to help massage and bodywork professionals use their authentic gifts to simplify their business success.

"It is incredible how simple it is to get results when you have the right tool."

James Crook

Business Coach for Massage & Bodywork

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