Make A Simple Social Media Ad That Works!

Set up ONE simple and practical "Lead Ad" in under 60 min

... and bring in an extra 5 bookings this week, for you or your team.

You've already got the hands-on skills to help clients.

Now you're looking for a simple way to get more bookings each week.

You've tried a few Facebook ads already

But you haven't got much out of them and you feel like you don't know what you're doing and your money is being wasted. Even when you get a bunch of likes it's not turning into bookings.

You're feeling out of your depth with marketing

But you can't afford $1000+ per month to hire someone else to do it all, and when you try to do it yourself it seems to take forever and you're never sure what will work or what will flop

You've been told you should be doing more posts and videos

But you feel exhausted at the thought of spending hours each week making videos, when you're busy running your business and really just need a simple way to get more clients?


You want to get more bookings — without wasting time and money on Facebook ads that don’t work, complicated tech stuff, or doing hours of posting every single week.

Here's a crazy question:

What if you stopped being confused by all the online marketing stuff — and started getting more bookings instead?

Sound too good to be true?

Well hold onto your massage towel because I'm about to show you exactly how.

Here's the deal with marketing your practice in today's world.

You don't need to create 100s of posts or dancing videos (who has time for that), your clients don't want more random content.

You don't need some fancy pants digital funnel, this is simply too complicated for most local practitioners.

Your ideal clients want a clear offer and an easy way to trust that you can solve their problem when they're ready to book in.

...and that's where "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" comes in.

You make ONE simple Social Media "Lead" Ad, in less than 1 hr. Then you get it in front of your ideal clients and make it really easy for them to book in with you.

The best part is you start to get bookings flowing into your calendar in days.

The "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" practical mini-course

Step #1

Craft a powerful and authentic offer that shows your ideal clients exactly how you can help, and gets them excited to work with you!

Step #2

Get your offer in front of the right people in your local area who are perfect to become long-term clients

Step #3

Set up a SIMPLE Social Media Lead Ad with automatic follow up so the bookings start pouring in — there's no complicated marketing stuff.


When you put the right offer, in front of the right people, at the right time, you'll get immediate bookings.

With a simple Lead Ad on Facebook or Instagram being seen by your ideal clients 7 days a week, you can spend less time marketing — and more time helping your clients.

It's fast and practical.

The "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" MiniCourse

Set up ONE simple Social Media Lead Ad in under 60 mins

...and get an extra 5 ideal client leads for your practice this week.

Here’s everything that’s included:

"Make the Perfect Ad" Training

"How to Target the Right People" Training

"Lead Ads Live" Training

"Fabulous Follow Up" training

"Lead Ads Swipefile" wording template

Bonus #1: Automatic Followup - messages and email

Bonus #2: Your Practice PRO all-in-one marketing toolkit

Bonus #3: Top 5 Do's And Don'ts

Course Value $599

It's so practical that when you get "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" you'll walk away knowing exactly how to:

  • Have the perfect offer that gets people keen to book in

  • Finally un-complicate Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Have a system for getting consistent new bookings week after week

  • Know how turn strangers into paying clients

  • Have an easy way to get bookings for a new service or team member

Today's Special Offer: Get a Free 30 Day Trial of
Your Practice PRO worth $129 ... included for FREE

As well as the "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" mini-course I will show you how to use the "Your Practice PRO" membership to help you save time, save money, grow your practice, and retain happy clients.

I love "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" because it really simplifies getting consistent new clients from social media

Hi, I'm James – after running my own marketing agency for 15 years, teaching at tertiary level, keynoting at Australia's largest massage conference and writing two best selling books on marketing...

I now work exclusively with massage, bodywork and health professionals to help them get more clients.

What I have found – is that most massage and health practitioners think they have to overcomplicate their marketing.

So I help people get results by sticking to one fundamental truth...

I believe the simplest way is best.

Questions? Look here to know if this is right for you right now...

How long does it take?

The whole workshop is designed to be viewed and implemented within 2 hours. This might depend on your familiarity with Facebook tech, but even a complete beginner can be up and running in an afternoon.

I'm not a techie, can I still do this?

Yes! I have designed the "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" specifically for low-tech beginners!

I don't use Social Media much, will this work for me?

This will be perfect for you! Luckily these ads are completely separate from what you post (or don't post!)

How much will I need to spend on the ads?

When you use this style of ad it's far cheaper than most other paid advertising, I suggest starting with a budget of $20 per day and adjusting from there, until you have the number of clients you want!

Is this just for massage / bodywork / spa / health?

The training and templates I give you are designed to make this really easy for massage, bodywork, spa or other health practitioners. However the Lead Ad techniques I will show you can can be used in basically any industry.

I'm just starting out, will this help me?

Simple answer: YES! In fact it's one of the best ways of finding clients even when you are a newbie or unknown in your area.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! You will get your login in your email immediately, and you keep it forever.

What if it's not what I expect?

I love helping people and want you to be happy, so if you find it isn't going to help you then I will refund your payment within 7 days, no questions asked.

Is this a subscription?

No. The "Lead Ads for Fast Bookings" mini-course is yours to keep forever upon purchase, it is not a subscription.

The (optional) BONUS 30-Day Trial of "Your Practice PRO" is a subscription and will renew monthly until cancelled (you can cancel any time).

What is Your Practice PRO?

"Your Practice PRO" is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that helps make your Lead Ads even easier! So as a Bonus we have organised a 30 Day free trial so you can try it out.

And even if you choose to cancel Your Practice PRO... the Lead Ads mini-course is yours to keep, and you can use it any time to get fast and simple bookings.

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